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Celebrating World Book Day 2021


At Tequila Works we love book and we've decided to celebrate this year's World Book Day talking about the books we love.

World Book Day is celebrated in different dates around the globe. In our case is celebrated on April 23 because it commemorates the death of Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare and Garcilaso de la Vega in 1616.

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain – Raúl Rubio, CEO and creative director

Both books expose the journey from childhood to adulthood of their main chacacters. And even Disney sweeten Pinoccio time later for their movie, the original story of this book and of Mark Twain are not for kids. Have you ever read some of the original classic tales? You would be very surprised! Do it if you have the chance.

The magicianss guild by Trudi Canavan – Isaac Fernández, producer

Isaac Fernández It was really easy to read. I loved the global idea of the book, because I love the stories of superheroes that are not meant to be. So the fact that a small child, a vagabond, challenged the system, attracted me a lot. The book made so much impact on me that it made me want to read again to the point that I read this book and the next two in only three weeks.

A Connecticut yankee in king Arthur’s court by Mark Twain – Daniel Estradera, junior technical designer

The shadow of the wind · Carlos Ruíz Zafón – Irene de Hoz, office manager

I had been reading the teenager books by Carlos Ruíz Zafón for years, and this on was the first novel he wrote for adults. It’s about a mystic world at the same as beauty about books and libraries. I fell in love with it and id made me want to continure reading more books.

Beauty and sadness by Yasunari Kawabata – Ángel Luis Sucasas, narrative director.

The first thing you find in this book is a spinning stool, in the subway, and it’s looking at our main character. As a haiku, as a bonsai, as a little thing that is much bigger, Kawabata summarized everything that was gonna come later. And what comes later? Title says it all: the beaury and sadness.

Many books by many authours – Lara I Rodríguez, social media manager & PR

I couldn’t choose only one book. No way. But I would say The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Anything that Neil Gaiman has written, even his shop list, but more in concrete The ocen at the end of the lane. It made me had weird dreams the night I read it. Also American Gods (the book, not the series), and The Sandman.

Level Up! by Scott Rogers and A hat full of sky by Terry Pratchett – Mikel Torrecilla, gameplay programmer

Related to videogames, I’d say Level Up! In this book you get to know what a game designer does. It can be difficult to understand for outsiders of the industry, because it’s not about doing maths, as you would expect from a programmer. It’s not about illustrating, as you would expect from an artist. The book explains it quite well and it gives useful tips. Not related to gaming I’d say A hat full of sky but Terry Pratchett. But to be honest I could say any book from the DiscWorld. Every books tells a different story but all of them are connected and take place in the same world. It’s so much fun because as much as you read you can see the connections betweekn all the books. And what about you? What books do you recommend us to read? You can comment on our Twitter thread right here.

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To celebrate this year’s World Book Day we’re adding a 5% of discount to all orders made through our official online store, including our beautiful artbook. Offer expires on April 26 at 11.59PM (Spanish time zone). Discount is applied during checkout.

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