GYLT wins the Premio Quirinos 2021 for Best Animation in a Videogame


On May 29 the Premios Quirino took place, which recognizing the talent of the Ibero-American animation industry, generating links and networks between both sides of the ocean. And GYLT has been awarded for Best Animation in a Videogame. We can't be prouder of the team who has made it possible!

This year we couldn’t attend the event, so we sent a video message in which Raúl, CEO and Creative Director and Arturo Paiva, Animation Director, shared their happiness on behalf of all the Tequila Works team. <<GYLT  is a game that deals with very adult and very deep themes, and subtlety and elegance was something that had to help as a vehicle to transmit those ideas and not impose them. This is why the animation was such important. The visual language and the things that are not said pero but are shown are even more important to show that reality behind the shadows of a curtain. This award is dedicated to the animation department of GYLT and to its Animation Director, Arturo Paiva>>. Raúl Rubio, CEO and Creative Director. In words of Arturo Paiva, Animation Director in the title, <<… Is a horror game, but for all ages, about bullying at school. For that reason, we had to take care of many details, including the animation. Thanks to all the team who has made it possible.>> Once again, thank you to the Premios Quirino, and congratulations to all the nominees and winners of this edition.

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