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Tequila Works launches exclusive 10th anniversary merchandise


Tequila Works, the studio that brought you to tears with RiME, was funded on the 1st of November 2009. That means the 10th anniversary is over, but not the celebration.

To honor the remarkable anniversary we’re bringing to the fans an exclusive limited edition of merchandise exclusively sold at our estore (https://tequilaworks.myshopify.com)starting tomorrow, 22nd of December at 5PM CET. That includes:
  • Artbook: Revive to story of Tequila Works through its 346 pages. You won’t only find beautiful concept arts of all of our released titles, but also from some never-released games never shown before!
  • Mug: What a better way to start the day than drinking tequila hot damn coffee from a Tequila Works red and black mug. The coffee (not included) will give you energy while the mug will raise your charisma stats (not scientifically tested).
  • T-Shirt: Our awesome t-shirt has the same effect than if you were screaming I’M A TEQUILA WORKS’ FAN!!! in the middle of the street. It’s available in Small, Medium and Large sizes, for men and women.
  • Socks: Complete your outfit with a pair of socks and wear them for special occasions, like while wearing flip flops in summer.
  • Tote-Bag: Another tote-bag for your collection! But this is the best because it has all the names of Tequila Works’ games written on the back. You’ll never miss any of our games while in conversation with another gamer.

Stock is very limited* and once it’s gone it’s gone! Sign up now to our newsletter and be the first to know when the estore opens.

*Restrictions apply. Visit our FAQ section on the estore when it opens. Each item is limited to two units per order.

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