See you on February 2nd at Fnac Plaza Norte


This Sunday, February 2, we hope to you see at 6PM at Fnac Plaza Norte (San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid). Why? To celebrate Groundhog Day! And to talk about virtual reality experiences, narrative and technology.

At FNAC Plaza Norte Forum, Alejo Silos (Level Designer) and Pablo Calatayud (Lead Game Designer) from Tequila Works, accompained by Pablo Lara, writer at El Ministerio del Tiempo, will share the afternoon in a colloquium lead by Avance Discos, distributors of the physical release for PS4 of Groundhog Day Like Father Like Son in Spain, on sale exclusively in Fnac. The conversation will be about their different experiences developing for virtual reality with deep narrative and time travels 🙂

Admissionwill be free to fill the capacity of the place and there will be time for questions.

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