You better not run out of battery in your flashlight, darkness approaches…
GYLT, the delicate horror game by Tequila Works (us), responsibles for RiME, The Invisible Hours, The Sexy Brutale, Deadlight and the upcoming Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story, among others, is finally out on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Steam and will soon be available on GOG!

With bullying as a common thread, the game presents Sally, an 11 years old girl whose little cousin, Emily, has gone missing. While everyone else has stopped looking for her, she’s decided to find her. The mission will take her to a weird and dangerous version of her own city. But [b]what can a small girl do against the night’s horrors[/b]? Well, more than you may think.

Either if horror games are among your favourite or you’re new to the genre, GYLT is for you.
GYLT is an accessible horror game for fans of the genre and beyond, with a challenging and entertaining narrative, and engaging action and stealth mechanics.

And what about the soundtrack by Cris Velasco?
You’ve heard the music on the trailers and now you’re gonna live the full experience in the game. But what if you could listen to its soundtrack over and over again and use it for your reading or role playing sessions, on when you’re walking along the street on a dark night? Well, now you can! GYLT’s soundtrack by the worlwide known composer [b]Cris Velasco [/b]is available to purchase on Steam!

Thanks to the support of the community of players through the years we have been able to bring GYLT to multiplatform. Now it is your time to enjoy it… But before you go, take this, you’re gonna need it 🔦🔋.

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