Tequila Works statement on Ukraine


Over the last weeks we have helplessly followed the tragic events inflicted on Ukraine. Many of us have wondered what could we do to ease so much nonsense, horror and suffering.

Every gesture counts, no matter how humble. Many tiny actions may trigger a big reaction. Many little deeds may counter a greater evil. Bullies only bring tragedy and horror. From kindergarten to the Armageddon. That extortionist, violent mindset should not have place in the world. Nobody wins with inaction over fear; but we all do with Humanity even if only to relieve the suffering on the way to peace. Tequila Works is a studio that believes in solidarity and mercy. We are not a power that be; we just make games. But we are a united global family that transcends borders. It is our duty to act in the face of a conflict imposed through aggression and power abuse: Till further notice, 100% of the proceeds of all the games published by Tequila Works will be donated in support of the Ukrainian people, to the Humanitarian causes and efforts of the Ukrainian Red Cross, Caritas Ukraine and World Central Kitchen. Those who prefer to donate directly can contribute on the following links: A humble gesture, maybe. But one made with the hope that no help is too small. It’s time to support the weak. Because solidarity is something any human being should expect from each other. And making so should be the minimum we should aspire to. Thank you, Tequila Works

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